How to Host a Breakfast Bash

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So why not make it fun. A gorgeous setup at La Maison Du Lac makes for the perfect breakfast, whether for a birthday, a wedding, a graduation, or a company meeting. Situated by Lake Pontchartrain it’s tranquil atmosphere is perfect for a morning breakfast. Imagine all your friends and family gathered around the table talking and laughing at good times and times to come.

Have a variety of foods or even a buffet so that guests may chose what they want. If you only have one selection a person may not like it or may be allergic to the food. Also ask beforehand if anyone is allergic to any of the foods.




Make a good presentation of your food, don’t just throw trays on the table. Have enough food; leftovers for events are okay. Coffee is a must have. It is very important to have coffee prepared for any breakfast event because it’s in the morning and people expect to have coffee. Also make sure the coffee is strong and not week, hot and not cold; and make sure there is enough for people to at least all have two to three cups.

If your Breakfast event is very early we recommend preparing the table, the night before. This is so that it is all set in the morning and you can focus on the little details and welcoming guests too. The day of have all your staff ready and prepared to help. La Maison du lac has the perfect outdoor setting for any occasion. Imagine having a breakfast on your wedding day or a birthday breakfast at this outdoor venue. Relaxing and talking with friends around the table while soaking up the scenery of the lakefront.