The Coffee Truck Getaway

Lisa and Justin Condon love two things coffee and traveling. The adventurous coffee lovers wanted to make their wedding memorable. The couples dream wedding became a reality at La Maison du lac. They arrived in a gold and white coffee truck.

La Maison helped this couples dream of a lakeside wedding come true. They had a simple yet elegant wedding.


The groom wore a handsome white tux with light blue stripes and a dark blue tie with white dots. The kids helped with the wedding too. The little boy wore a white blue striped little outfit with a light blue bowtie.

The bride’s dress was a white with spaghetti straps that has intricate lacing on them. The bride was escorted by two young gentlemen as everyone watched.

A gorgeous white and gold wedding was held on a clear crisp day. North photography took remarkably stunning photography of the wedding.

A charming setting for a perfect white and gold elegant wedding. It was an intimate wedding with less than 100 people.

The couple tied the knot on a beautiful day.

A lovely photoshoot was taken of the couple just before the fun began.  The photoshoot took place when they had a little time to themselves before the wedding reception.

The Condon’s had a fun wedding reception afterwards. The small reception took place inside as everyone gathered to watch the Condon’s had their first dance. They held each other tight as their song came on. A gorgeous start to a beautiful relationship.

The kids were the life of the party afterwards. The kids had a blast dancing to the DJs music and then everyone else started dancing too. Friends and family partied after the wedding as the DJ played music.  The bride and groom were having fun too.

Soon it was time to cut the cake. The cake was a three-tier cake with gold rim around the bottom of tier, a fleur de lis on each tier and C on the top.   

A gorgeous ending to a beautiful couple.