The Glowing Kiss Wedding

Do you imagine your wedding and reception being fun and a party to remember? Kacey and Jim dreamt of one and their reality came true at la Maison Du Lac. A fun romantic wedding to be exact.

Picture all around the venue beautiful florals on each table with lit candles like a picturesque painting. The outdoor area lit up with hanging lights all around. The groom wore a classic tuxedo with a black bowtie and suspenders and looked strikingly handsome. NORTH PHOTOGRAPHY stunned everyone with his amazing and beautiful photos. Taking photos of the bride and groom by the gorgeous entrance all lit up before the big night began and taking portraits of the family.




The bride’s dress was a gorgeous white sleeveless wedding dress, with a sheer backing and an elegant lace design near the shoulders.

The bridesmaids wore mid length elegant black dresses with white rose bouquets to match.

The father of the bride was captured waiting to walk his daughter down the aisle. His expression pure happiness.

The reception after the wedding was glowing with smiles, laughter of good times and fun party favors. A variety of delicious foods was provided by AROMA CATERING for the reception.

They wanted to make the entertainment memorable and fun, so they hired the event band a Bag of Donuts who dressed up as KISS. The white rose bouquets matching the floral arrangements.

The bride and her squad held up the groom and then she got held up by the guys. As the rain magically sprinkled around them the bride and groom danced holding each other tight. People danced in celebration after the wedding with glowing glasses and a Bag of Donuts to dance to.

A night to remember for the couple. In the middle of the floor they took the stage holding on to one another as he picked her up and they twirled around. The excitement of the first dance filled the air and the guests started filling up the dance floor.

Even grandpa got up and boogied down to the band. Everyone was up and dancing with glow sticks and glasses that glow in the dark. Bag of Donuts gave a fantastic performance dressed up as the kiss band to make it more romantic their songs made the guests continually dance.