Planning an Outdoor Lakeshore Wedding?

Here are our top tips to pull off an Outdoor Wedding by Lake Pontchartrain

1- Flowers: Your pretty floral arrangements shouldn't sit in direct sunlight for more than an hour before guests arrive. Leave your florals and any other outdoor arrangements tucked inside the air-conditioned area until 30 – 60 minutes before guests arrive

2- Weather: New Orleans weather can be very unpredictable and since there is nothing you can do to control the weather, it is very important to come up with a plan B in case of unwanted conditions. The good news is that if you are getting married at La Maison du Lac, the venue also has an indoor ballroom to bring the party inside. With that said you should still walk through the weather scenarios prior to the wedding week so you and your family can mentally accept the fowl weather plans. This way, you can go into your wedding week feeling prepared, and the weather plan will feel like less of a surprise.

3- Photography: Talk to your photographer about where the sun will be during your ceremony so you can plan the ceremony and seating arrangements accordingly. You don’t want to realize the morning of that you’re going to be hidden in shadows or squinting into the sun in your photos.

4- Windproof Decor: If wind is a possibility (which by Lake Ponchartrain it is), double check that all your decor can withstand a strong breeze. Complement your surroundings, don’t compete with them. The natural beauty of your chosen setting shouldn’t need a lot of embellishment.

5- Details, Details: Your wedding website is the perfect place to put details about your outdoor wedding so your guests can plan accordingly. Include a photo of the venue, the kind of weather you’re expecting, and the worst-case scenario weather they may want to be prepared for.

6. Keep your guest from melting: Fill pretty baskets with things like parasols or fans to help guests deal with the elements on-site. The less you’re worried about guests’ comfort, the easier it is to focus on getting married. For a lovely and thoughtful gesture, have water or a refreshing non-alcoholic beverage available for your guests. Offer them pre-ceremony so that they can stay hydrated in the heat.

7- Food: If you are doing a stationed meal outside, we recommend positioning the stations beneath perimeter fans on the tent or roofed area. The circulating air will keep the food a bit more “temperate” and it helps to shield the platters from bugs. We do not advise serving stationed cheese and fruit displays for outdoor events (especially if they are completely exposed). While they can be beautiful, cheese does not fare well in direct sunlight, and they are a magnet for bugs and flies.